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Dagens bästa diskussion

26 maj, 2011

Tyskan (T): “You really don’t remember me, do you?

Okänd Idiot (OI): ”Eeh…

T: “You don’t!”

OI: “Well, sorry it’s nothing personal – I’m just really bad with names and faces. My close friends claim that I only remember slights to my character and piles of corpses.

T: “And you don’t remember me since I’m neither dead nor a mean person?

OI: “Exactly! Well, I can’t really claim to know for certain – I have to little empirical data to draw that conclusion you see.”

T (Stort leende): ”You’re funny!”

OI: “Thank you! Err… wait, d’you mean `ha ha´ funny or `peculiar´ funny?”

T (Förtvivlat): ”I don’t know…”

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  1. Johan G permalink
    26 maj, 2011 16:50

    Fick du chans på henne?

  2. stnc permalink
    26 maj, 2011 21:30


  3. 28 maj, 2011 08:57

    snacka om charmoffensiv! 😀


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