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Drucken middagsdiskussion med utlänningar.

4 juni, 2011

(De närvarande var tre svenskar, en österrikare och en grek-cypriot).

Österrikaren (Ö): “So, you study history?”

Okänd Idiot (OI): “Indeed”.

Ö: “Is it fun?”

OI: “Yeah, sure. You get sort of a crappy view of the world but its fun.”

Ö: “Waddaya mean?”

OI: “Well, look at the nationalities represented around this table.”

Ö: “Yeah?”

OI: “Well, if you know some history you will also perceive all the represented countries as, you know, assholes.”

Ö: “Come again? How is Sweden an asshole-country?”

OI: “We invented modern warfare when we kicked Austria’s ass in the Thirty Years War for one thing! We also gave Pol Pot financial aid while he was committing genocide on his own people.”

Ö (roat): “Ok, so what’s wrong with Austria then?”

OI: “Do you really wanna know?”

Ö: “Sure.”

OI: “All right, Hitler was an Austrian and so was Josef Fritzl! You can’t hide behind Mozart forever you know!”

Ö (inte fullt så roat): “Fair enough. But what’s wrong with Cyprus then?”

Pinsam tystnad då jag inte vet någonting om Cypern.

Ö: “Come on, what has Cyprus ever done against the world?”

OI (lyckligt): “Halloumi!”

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  1. kajsatankar permalink
    4 juni, 2011 16:51

    *ASG* Men du gillar ju Halloumi! 😀

  2. 10 juni, 2011 10:36

    Hahaha! Underbart som alltid!


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